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16 November 2016
Solving Real Life Problems with Smart Apps

At ISB Smart Solutions, we don't just deliver great web and mobile apps... our mission is to solve real life problems with smart solutions !


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25 October 2016
Let your customers self-serve with our payment portal: fully integrated with SAP, including customer account updates and invoice matching.

Imagine your customers could totally self-serve, see their account details, make online payments and download their documents ?

And what if t...

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24 October 2016
Never miss a deadline and manage all your compliance documents in one simple app

What if you could manage all your compliance requirements in one simple app ? Look no further, just

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04 October 2016
Take Back Control of your Waste with Smart Technology

In this video, we demonstrate how we solve real life problems using smart technology and the OutSystems Platform.

The Problem

We all ...

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