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Why ISB Global builds its low code solutions in OutSystems

You may have already decided that a low-code solution is for you. In all but the most complex development projects, you’re right – this is a lower-cost, faster and more effective way to build the application you need. So now, you need to research the various platforms that support quality low code. OutSystems will quickly become a familiar name once you’ve started looking – it’s often at the top of the developer-recommended lists, and in this article, we’ll tell you why.

A quick bias disclaimer: We are an OutSystems partner, and we think it’s a powerful platform. We’ve built our own commercial solutions using it – so we’re happy to put our money where our mouth is.

What is Outsystems Low Code? 

Over the past decade there has been a low-code revolution. Like most other low code solutions out there, OutSystems offers developers a library of code templates, modules and connectors to act as building blocks for the apps and software they want to build. This enables faster time to launch because everything does not need to be developed from scratch. But to better understand why OutSystems is a leader in this market requires a look back at the company’s history. 

Introducing OutSystems

OutSystems was founded around 20 years ago – so it’s got great market presence and brand awareness. Founder Paulo Rosado started the company because he could see that, not so far in the future, businesses would want to build their software in a different way – a way that was faster, easier and more efficient. As mobile technology has become the way most people run their lives, Rosado’s vision has been justified – once the only company to offer low code, OutSystems started a trend that was adopted by some of the biggest names in the software industry.

“While software development used to be done by some elites about 10 or 15 years ago, today every company needs to build their own software,” Rosado told the CUBE Conversation video podcast. “It’s just too much — you need that speed and you don’t have enough talent. More than 65% of new software that’s going to be built in the next three to five years is going to be done with a no-code or low-code platform.”

Developing the proof

Software developers aren’t traditionally easy to please. They know how good software development works – from initial design to ongoing maintenance – and so when they evaluate low code platforms, they want something that reflects the thought and effort they would put into hand coding, and offers them the flexibility, integration and scalability they know their clients need.

Reviews from developers are overwhelmingly positive. Like us, they love working with an intuitive platform that understands they already have skills, and replicates many of the approaches they would take with traditional programming.

Apps built using OutSystems have streamlined negotiations in the renewables energy space in Australia, improved a major construction firm’s operations by replacing a packaged ERP and CRM system, speeded up innovation for a Malaysian government agency and delivered an AI-powered claims management solution for Ricoh.

So OutSystems can definitely handle complex requirements, and experienced developers like ours love that.

Why we low code with OutSystems

OutSystems’ low code offering provides a wide range of benefits to a development team like ours, which embraces low code for its extensive features and the clear value it brings to our clients. These include:

A huge code library – running into the thousands – of prebuilt templates, connectors and modules. This, alongside other features, allows us to build any type of application, from rebuilding an internal spreadsheet process to producing a complex customer-facing app.

A focus on innovation – digital companies can’t afford to stand still. OutSystems works with its partner communities and its internal teams to make sure the platform is always innovative, offering more options and features to help developers build better.

A core focus on security and safety – no developer forgets the importance of data and application security. OutSystems focuses on high quality architecture that gives confidence to developers, customers and end users. The company’s security-by-design approach sets it apart from many other platforms.

Add to this the fact that applications can be designed, built, tested and released in a fraction of the time of traditional hand coding, and you can see why organisations are increasingly moving towards high-quality low-code. OutSystems is powerful, innovative and highly functional. 

Why not find out how it can support your project by contacting us today?

Learn more about ISB Smart Solutions in our Overview Brochure.

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