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A website that enabled INNOVO to open its portal to an unlimited number of potential players.


INNOVO is an innovative B2B commerce platform that enables businesses to cooperate to create and share savings. They enable members to keep and share additional savings, acquire new customers, reduce sales & marketing costs, and monetize wasted spare capacity, all the while giving back to good causes.

INNOVO needed a platform that was tried, tested & able to cope their unique needs. A prototype site had been created but developing this into a viable commercial proposition, with the security, complex reporting & financial processing required was proving a challenge.


A key functionality requirement of the site was to track and calculate the multi-layer share of savings payments to members. With a fast growing membership, the possible permutations of the INNBATE scheme requires calculating power far beyond the capability of most off-the-shelf web platforms. Overcoming the challenge:

Following a successful competitive pitch, in which we demonstrated our in-depth knowledge of the OutSystems platform and its capabilities, ISB Smart Solutions created the 1st fully functioning live version of the site in just 7 weeks


We developed a website to enable INNOVO to open their portal to an unlimited number of potential players while maintaining security of information, speed of reporting and accuracy of financial calculations. Most importantly for a we’ve built a platform that will adapt to the future needs of INNOVO and its members.

The rewards are already being reaped and in-fact, buyer companies registered on INNOVO have already attracted suppliers with a total revenue of over $35 Bn to contract an average total share of savings (INNBATEs) of more than 15%.

20%+ increase in new member registrations every month.

Innovo screens

40% increase in traffic in 3 months.

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