The OutSystems low code platform guide – an introduction

Pritesh Pattni


If you’re considering using a low code solution for your next software project, you’ll want to know all about the various platforms and what they offer. Here, we’ll give an overview of the platform, why we’ve chosen to work with it, and how we use it.

ISB Global is a proud OutSystems low code platform partner, using it on our own proprietary waste and recycling software solution as well as helping other organisations develop the applications they need to manage their processes more efficiently.

What is OutSystems?

Founded in 2001, OutSystems is one of the leading low code platforms. Businesses around the world use OutSystems to develop, digitise and automate processes, with minimal coding required.  Outsystems has more than 400,000 community members, around 350 partners, and customers in almost 90 countries.

Why is OutSystems so successful? Founder and CEO, Paulo Rosado, says it’s because the company hasn’t changed its original vision – to enable every company to innovate through the power of software. With around 1500 employees, the company is constantly striving to offer developers and their customers the very best low code experience, allowing them to be innovative and creative without having to spend hundreds of hours hand coding.

OutSystems describes its platform as ‘high performance low code’. It says: “This is the low code that enables you to develop serious applications with serious productivity fast – the kind that eliminates waste and overhead so professional developers can get on with the creative business of designing and deploying uniqueness.

Learn the benefits of Low Code vs. Traditional Development

Why did we choose OutSystems?

Low code platform choices are many and varied. Many of the biggest names in IT and software offer a low code solution – and they are among many more dedicated low code offerings. So, with all this market choice, why did we choose OutSystems?

ISB Global’s founder and CEO, Chris Williams says: “OutSystems is an advanced application platform designed to accelerate the development of software applications. It does this while delivering unrivalled levels of flexibility and efficiency. For ISB Global, this means we are able to develop and manage software in a faster, more efficient and cost-effective way. And these benefits can be passed on to our customers in the form of better service at a lower price.”

OutSystems is one of three partners that we use for our flagship software, Waste & Recycling One. Alongside global technology leaders SAP and Amazon Web Services, OutSystems gives us an easy-to-use, easy-to-maintain, flexible way to build software for complex use cases. 

Being an OutSystems Partner demonstrates that we have high levels of expertise and competence across the platform, and it also gives us access to the exclusive tools and resources that can help us to build successful projects with our clients.

We also collaborate with other OutSystems low code platform partners, giving us access to a wide pool of creativity and innovation, contributing to our continual learning and development and allowing us to share our own expertise across the community. 

To learn more about how OutSystems works and its benefits, take a look at the OutSystems low code platform website, where there’s a library of useful articles and information to get you started on your low code journey.

If you’d like to find out more about how OutSystems low code could help deliver your project faster, with reduced costs and a quicker route to market, why not contact us for a chat today? 

Or sign up for a free demo of the OutSystems platform in action.

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