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The Challenge

Ribbex has seen impressive business growth over the last years, and their current systems were struggling to cope with the increasing transaction volumes.

In addition, Ribbex have a strong drive for innovation and equipped their trucks with onboard weighing technology, but these critical data points couldn't be integrated with their existing solution.

They quickly realised that a step change was required, and the objective was to have an end-to-end operations management system, with strong focus on logistics management and optimisation.

The solution had to be web based, complemented with a native mobile app for their drivers.

It also had to integrate with the MOBA onboard weighing system as well as with the underlying ERP solution called SAP WR1, delivered by ISB Global.

The new solution had to be implemented quickly, as there was a hard 'switch-off' date for the existing systems.

The Solution

ISB Smart Solutions extended the functionality of their existing logistics solution ROUTiLOGIX, including the delivery of a new native mobile app for the Ribbex drivers called DRIViLOGIX.

Further modules were added as part of the project, like a customer portal and a mobile document generator for emailing critical documents with captured signatures to customers and suppliers.

Integrations with MOBA Cloud (onboard weighing) and SAP WR1 (ERP system) were implemented to complete the end-to-end process flows.

We quickly established a true partnership with ISB Smart Solutions, and both parties worked together very closely to ensure our new solution met all requirements. The improvements to our business processes have been impressive, thanks to the real time capability of the system, the process automation and the data capture at source via the driver app.

We are now in a strong position to scale up and further grow our business.

Alasdair Coulson
Managing Director - Ribbex

Key Success Factors

  • Strong drive for innovation from a visionary customer
  • Iterative, agile project methodology
  • Real partnership between Ribbex and ISB Smart Solutions
  • Rapid Application Delivery with OutSystems Platform



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