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The Business Challenge

The medical sector has seen a dramatic increase in claims against its members in recent years and has also witnessed changes in regulation that leave many GPs and medical practices in need of additional help understanding their legal responsibilities and restrictions. As such, it is more important than ever that the organisation provides members with all the knowledge they need in a secure, clear, online repository that is capable of storing large quantities of guidance that could be both accessed and updated easily.

The main challenge was to integrate the numerous internal systems required to properly hold and display this information, manage members accounts and handle often vitally important inbound queries.

Overcoming the Challenge

Additionally, the organisation’s members are proactively audited – traditionally a paper-based process which ensures they are doing everything they can to protect themselves against claims. This audit is both time consuming and expensive to implement. Overcoming the challenge: working directly with the client’s IT team, ISB Smart Solutions developed a set of applications on the OutSystems Platform. We were able to seamlessly integrate all internal data sources into the web based solutions, all while maintaining utmost security and accessibility. Not only that, we also made it fully responsive so members can easily access all the information they need via any mobile device.

“Our members rely on us to provide support, guidance and assurance, often at incredibly stressful times. Being able to give them the information they need accurately, securely and speedily is of paramount importance. ISB Smart Solutions have delivered a solution that enables us to meet all of these criteria and will enable us to continue improving our service to members in future”

Senior IT Manager


The client is already seeing the impacts of developing in Outsystems:

  • 5 major business apps launched in 8 months time
  • 20% reduction in manual work thanks to improved data sourcing

Where next ?

Our relationship with the client continues to develop and we will shortly be launching the organisation’s web based auditing software. This will replace the paper-based audits currently run on GP practices and other member organisations across the UK, with a self-service platform that will feed data directly into members’ records directly from an ISB designed mobile application.

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