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Posted 01 April 2016 by Wim De Maeyer 
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Winchester, 8 April 2016

ISB Smart Solutions successfully implement a comprehensive web collaboration platform for Baxter Enviro, a forward-thinking waste brokerage company with a personal touch. This provides customers and suppliers with full visibility of their waste services, including electronic data capture of job status and completion.

The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges in waste brokerage is to maintain full visibility of the individual jobs, in terms of planning, status management and confirmation. As an innovative waste broker, Baxter Enviro wanted to make all transactions available in a web portal, giving their customers and suppliers full visibility at a detailed level. In addition, they wanted to provide a true e-commerce platform allowing customers to order new services, raise queries or report service issues. Finally, they wanted suppliers to upload executed jobs and automatically match them against what was ordered, for quick confirmation and billing.

The Solution

After the successful go-live of ISB's Waste and Recycling solution and SAP Business One on March 1, the second phase of the project went live today, giving Baxter Enviro a significant competitive edge in terms of customer service, supplier engagement and process automation. The web portal is fully integrated with SAP, meaning that all data are single-sourced and therefore consistent. A very important component of the web portal is that waste companies can now electronically upload their job confirmations, which are automatically validated and confirmed in SAP, ready for billing. Only exceptions or mismatches require manual intervention.

The Benefits

Automation - Baxter Enviro can now manage by exception, saving considerable time in the job matching and reconciliation process.

Accuracy and Control - The powerful matching engine ensures that only jobs which were issued to suppliers and confirmed get processed.

Customer Service - Full visibility, total transparancy, no confusion. Real time data combined with real time interaction between customers and Baxter's head office.

Supplier Collaboration - Automatic data upload from ANY file format, meaning suppliers don't have to change their in-house systems to hook up with the job matching engine.

Find out how ISB Smart Solutions can help you make a similar big leap forward, with powerful web solutions and fully integrated with your back-office systems.

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