ISB Smart Solutions
Your users in the widest sense include internal employees, staff in the field, propects, customers, suppliers and other business partners.

A big network, already tightly connected on social media. With OutSystems you can leverage the power of the network and integrate with social media to extend your apps whenever social networking is applicable.  
The Citizen User expects great business apps to be available on any device. They don't have time for that old laptop to start up.

They are mobile and want to interact with your business process wherever they are. With OutSystems you develop once for all devices, with a great responsive UI and using most of your device's native capabilities.
Your users love collaboration and networking. They are increasingly mobile and need access to Big Data.

And they want this from anywhere and on any device, without worrying where your system is hosted… as long as it's in the Cloud ! 
Big data is available all around us, so the Citizen User expects to access all relevant business data easily and in real time.

They need to make informed decisions faster than ever, and they don't want to get it wrong!
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