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Why IT Struggles to Innovate
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Posted 03 June 2016 by Wim De Maeyer 
IT struggles to innovate

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One might think that the IT industry, with all its engineering and brainpower, would be at the forefront of efficiency and automation. Curiously, this is not the case. Gartner states that 80% of an IT Department's budget is used simply in Keeping The Lights On (KTLO).

What's the Problem ?

Money wasted on maintenance is a sad enough story, but there is a second rail of inefficiency that is even more troubling: the accumulation of new service and change requests made by the Business that IT has a hard time delivering, due to limitations ranging from a lack of budget to a lack of resources and skills. The IT Department's backlog is no small matter, and as a result IT Departments are perceived as incompetent, slow to deliver and unwilling (or unable) to support innovation.

In most companies the IT backlog is becoming a crippling problem, according to Gartner they are actually growing at a rate of 10% - 20% per year.

Keep The Lights On​​

This failure is not entirely IT's fault, in fact they are probably doing the best they can. The problem is simply that current techniques and tools for delivering and maintaining enterprise systems are hard to use, and they deliver applications that are hard and expensive to maintain, let alone change and grow with the Business.

Cause of the Problem: the Cost of Change

Delivering new applications or customising packages takes a lot of time and money, largely because project teams add a lot of cushion to timelines and budget trying to protect themselves from changing requirements and unexpected events. They know that changing requirements in the middle of a project is hard and costly.

And it never stops, because the cost of change is not limited to the delivery of the first version. As soon as the application goes live it will immediately go into maintenance mode, and sooner rather than later need to be touched, corrected, extended, tweaked... Changed !


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