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VIDEO - BinLogix Bin Sensors
Take Back Control of your Waste with Smart Technology
Posted 04 October 2016 by Wim De Maeyer 
ISB BinLogix Smart Bin Sensors

In this video, we demonstrate how we solve real life problems using smart technology and the OutSystems Platform.

The Problem

We all produce waste, so we all need efficient waste management services. But too often things go wrong, you get poor customer service and your service cost goes through the roof.

The Cause of the Problem

The reason ? Waste companies collect bins on pre-defined routes, picking up bins that are half empty and driving past the ones that are overflowing.

The Solution

That’s why ISB Smart Solutions came up with a better way: using advanced bin level sensors, Cloud based data collection and a smart app, we enable your bins to talk directly to the waste management companies, tell them when they’ll be full so they can be picked up at the best possible time.

This enables waste companies to adjust their pre-defined routes, save on mileage, maximize workforce productivity and deliver great customer service, all at a significantly lower cost.

But that’s not all: our bin sensors come with automatic location tracking, especially useful for bigger venues like shopping malls, schools or sports arena’s where bins move around and need to move back to their designated location.

And there’s even more: our bins detect when they get lifted and by which truck, they capture the actual weight and feed all the information back so the jobs get confirmed and billed automatically, without the need for manual intervention.

The Video: see how it works

Video ISB Smart Bin Sensors

The Benefits

Everybody wins:

  • Customers get better service
  • Waste companies reduce their logistics cost
  • Billing is automated, accurate and in real time
  • Planet Earth says thank you for the reduced carbon footprint

Let’s take back control of our waste and visit to learn more about how ISB Smart Solutions takes waste management to the next level, today!

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