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VIDEO - ISB Compliance Management App
Never miss a deadline and manage all your compliance documents in one simple app
Posted 24 October 2016 by Wim De Maeyer 
compliance management video

What if you could manage all your compliance requirements in one simple app ? Look no further, just contact ISB Smart Solutions today !

Easy Compliance Management has finally arrived

With ISB's Compliance Management App it's never been easier to manage your compliance obligations, please check this video to see how it works:

ISB Compliance Management Video

Why this is Important

Many companies are still managing their compliance requirements manually, using Paper, Excel or Access. Not only is this error-prone, it also requires a lot of effort and might leave them exposed to a significant risk of non-compliance.

That's why ISB Smart Solutions developed the Compliance Management App, not only to configure the compliance elements and validations or audits, but also to automatically alert on upcoming expiries and to store all your required documents in a single, safe place.

Want to know more ? Contact us today !

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