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Users Review OutSystems on TrustRadius
TrustRadius in-depth review of the OutSystems Platform with a 5 Star overall rating
Posted 12 June 2016 by Wim De Maeyer 
OutSystems TrustRadius

About the TrustRadius report

TrustRadius is a software review and knowledge base platform, with 40,000+ in-depth software reviews and ratings from 70,000+ community members.

OutSystems recently put out a call to collect detailed reviews from the user community, and the result is impressive. As we expected the overall rating is a 5-Star, with an average score of 9.6 out of 10.

The full report lists pros and cons as reported by the users, as well as their stories on how they use Outsystems and which benefits have been captured. You can read it here.

The ISB Smart Solutions Story

We've been using OutSystems since 2013 and it has been a revelation to our own company and to the customers we serve.

It takes web and mobile delivery to the next level, easily integrates with your existing systems and with its embedded lifecycle management you can change your apps without the risk of breaking them. It allows us to deliver solutions that are fit for purpose and built for change.

That's what we love, because a project isn’t finished when you go live, your solutions need to evolve continuously !

Visit us on and get in touch to explore how we can help you on your Digital Transformation journey.

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