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Take Back Control of your Waste
Let's collaborate to reduce cost, improve service and minimise carbon footprint
Posted 22 August 2016 by Wim De Maeyer 
Take Back Control of your Waste

  In this article, we explore how global megatrends and technology are transforming the Waste & Recycling industry. The new values like openness, visibility, sharing and collaboration are fast becoming the norm across all industries, and the environmental sector is starting to feel the power of change. In addition the Internet of Things now allows us to collect data from field equipment like waste bins, which opens up a whole new dimension of opportunity.

A New Mindset

Up until recently, waste was seen as an annoying by-product you couldn't get rid off fast enough, without caring where it went and without challenging the cost of service. Things are changing, households and companies are taking ownership, they see the value of the commodity and resource, and want to improve their environmental footprint. They also expect excellent customer service at a competitive price.

This new mindset and the associated expectations are forcing the industry to change.

The Power of the Network

If you look at the environmental sector as a huge network of waste producers, waste service providers, brokers, disposal facilities and the authorities, you immediately realise the scale of the opportunity.

For example, waste producers should be able to convert their combined volume into negotiation power, service providers should use their scale to truly optimise daily operations and customer service, and finally authorities should have full visibility of all waste movements and documentation.

This potential for network-wide optimisation is huge, but it doesn't get fully harvested...yet.

What do we mean by Taking Back Control of your Waste ?

The key concept is to have all players working in unison, all striving towards the same goal of minimising waste and optimising the end-to-end waste streams. Call it Uberisation of Waste.

The key enabler is to provide full visibility and transparency of all waste streams, and full flexibility for all players to improve and optimise them. Technology is a critical component to achieving this.

Taking back control means becoming an active player in this new Collaborative Waste Economy, which gives you full visibility of your waste and all related transactions, full flexibility to capture efficiencies, at cost-effective service levels and with measurable environmental benefits.

The Internet of Things is the Key Enabler

This is not just a buzzword anymore, it's now possible to link up numerous components, automate data capture and smart pro-active response, remove the risk of human error and thus streamline the overall business process. As a result, all parties in this network get full visibility of all waste transactions, get alerted on their mobile should exceptions occur, and get automated reporting tools at the click of a button.

Bins talk to trucks, trucks talk to weighbridges, they all talk to a central process management console, the central system optimises the processes and automatically passes on data to your back-end administration systems.

Needless to say that these real-time and flexible processes, enabled by smart technology and data integration, result in a nimble yet all-encompassing collaboration between all parties, and every player benefits from this new network.

When can I Start ?

At ISB we provide a comprehensive suite of apps to get you started today. We envisage all parties to engage in true collaboration, new ways of working and truly leveraging this network to capture great benefits: cost savings, better service, less carbon footprint.

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