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Sharing, moi ?
You're already in the public domain, better use it to your advantage and quick !
Posted 09 April 2016 by Wim De Maeyer 
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We all operate within a 24/7 global community, where practically everything is available to anyone in real time. If you still believe your company is NOT a public part of this network, chances are you're dangerously exposed. Time for some myth busting and a few suggestions.

Myth 1: As a company, we can choose what we share

Not anymore, the community shares for you and you can't control it. Social network power keeps on growing, and the players in your company's eco-system are all part of it.

  • Your Employees: they share how delighted they are to work for you, or expose their managers and talk about their salaries. Google it to see if you're on
  • Your Customers: they share how satisfied they are about your products and services, thereby giving your company the much required Social Proof or Global Unlike. From Trip Advisor: "If you're a fan of food poisoning, this restaurant is for you !"
  • Your Suppliers: they share how well you manage partnerships or how timely you pay your invoices. Amazing what you find when you Google 'XYZ squeezes suppliers'

Myth 2: This whole sharing business is just a bit of noise, we can ignore it

That's what the leading mobile phone companies from the early 00's thought as well. They said "our users are happy with our products, they use a phone to make phonecalls and now they can even send emails, we're doing ever so well !"

This inward-facing philosophy has killed many big companies and rightfully so. With today's network power the decline will be even faster. Move to a more outward-facing approach, start by tracking your network's signals and become an active network player to gain credibility and some degree of control.

Myth 3: Sharing is dangerous

When Tesla's network started talking about a technical issue, they were very quick to share full details of what happened including root cause analysis and lessons learned. In fact, they even shared the correspondence with their customer ( I'm sure you'll agree that NOT sharing would have been dangerous as a company's credibility quickly gets undermined by the network. The recent car emissions scandal is a good example of big companies still believing they can play the smoke and mirrors game...

A few Suggestions

  • Respect your network, they have a casting vote on your company and they will share, whether you like it or not
  • Be outward facing, listen to signals and become an active part of the sharing community
  • Embrace disruption, it's happening in every industry, doing nothing is not an option

About the author: Wim De Maeyer is Managing Director at ISB Smart Solutions. Their customers include visionary entrepreneurs who share the belief that processes should be simplified, forward thinking and network collaboration are paramount and embracing technology is the key enabler to success.

About ISB Smart Solutions: Innovative IT company, building Web and Mobile solutions using the OutSystems Agile Platform. We only deliver apps that are fit for purpose and built for change at the speed of your Business.

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