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Service Excellence Testimonial
Why customer service is important for your company success
Posted 04 July 2016 by Wim De Maeyer 
Service Excellence

From original post by Colin Crawford - July 1, 2016

Having worked in organisations providing varying degrees of service over many years, I have seen excellence in service, often overlooked and taken for granted.  I have just been on the receiving end of just that excellence and felt that it was worth spending a few moments to recognise and applaud it.

Excellence in Action​

We have been working with Amazon Web Services for the last few years, supplying solutions to our customers and at times have needed to call upon their support.  I have to say that our dealings with their support team have always left us with the feeling that this is an organisation that takes support seriously and with a sense of pride.

They feel our pain and give us the feeling that they are never rushed to arrive at a solution, but walk through the problem with us, until our problem is solved and we are satisfied.

The Importance of Customer Service

As part of a support organisation myself I can say that this is an essential part of our business and one which underpins everything we do. We too take great pride in the level of support we offer.  In my opinion, having a good service philosophy is an opportunity to build robust relationships and partnerships.  

So it is good to know that we are working with partners who share our philosophy.

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