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OutSystems and SAP: a match made in heaven
How to simplify and mobilise SAP with a true bi-modal architecture
Posted 30 June 2016 by Wim De Maeyer 
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Is it really that simple ?

When we were asked to create an online shopping portal, fully integrated with SAP, we said YES and we haven't been disappointed !

With OutSystems for SAP, it's really simple to bring SAP to live and run SAP processes from beautifully styled web and mobile apps... and you don't have to be an SAP expert to make it work.

How does it work ?

With OutSystems Platform, any developer can discover and browse the available SAP functions. Finding the BAPI you need to perform a specific function in SAP (be it a standard BAPI or a custom made ZBAPI) is very simple, even for developers with limited or no SAP knowledge.

Browsing or searching for the exact BAPI you need is done in a matter of seconds. The native SAP integration of the Platform will help you by providing full documentation of the selected interfaces, mapping the complex SAP interfaces types into easily understood and used parameters.

With the BAPIs you want to consume (and that have been made available to you by your SAP administrators), you can visually design your application logic. All the validations and security settings in SAP will be inherited by the connection you have created.

OutSystems Platform makes all the imported BAPI definitions available as visual elements that you can drag to your canvas, and arrange with other pieces of logic to support any kind of integration flow, reducing down to zero the large amounts of complex code you’d have to write and maintain to support this traditionally.

So what, do I really need that ?

Companies are constantly looking to simplify processes and better engage with customers, partners and employees. But all the data supporting the digitization of these interactions, as well as the processes to support them, traditionally lie in solid systems of record, such as SAP. These are designed to codify commodity business processes, support hundreds or thousands of (largely unused) use cases, and be stable throughout many years.

Today, your business needs more than that. To innovate, be more competitive, or simply more efficient, you need flexibility, agility and immediacy. You need to be ready for constant change supporting rapid customer-centric digital evolution.

And what about the SAP tools like FIORI ?

SAP solutions such as Fiori can only go so far when it comes to creating truly engaging and fine-tuned apps. Not only will they easily become hard to maintain (will you really be able to understand, modify and maintain all that javascript code if you ever need to customize a Fiori app?), but they will severely limit you if you need to deploy an app to your customers, or integrate other data sources.

OutSystems Platform provides you an easy way to quickly mashup multiple disparate data sources (SAP and non-SAP), in a simple to understand integration layer, that can be reused to create any kind of mobile app without coding.

Want to know more ?

For a comprehensive overview of the architecture and benefits click here.

Our Verdict

The capabilities offered by the OutSystems for SAP Platform will allow companies to make a true step change and accellerate their digital transformation journey. In addition to all the benefits that make OutSystems the platform of choice (RAD, scalability, TrueChange and lifecycle management including 1-click deployment), you can now maximise return on your SAP investment using true bi-modal architecture. That literally means only TWO components: SAP and OutSystems, nothing else. Now that's what we call awesome !

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