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Highlights from OutSystems NextStep 2016
The ISB Smart Solutions lessons from this awesome event
Posted 10 May 2016 by Wim De Maeyer 
OutSystems NextStep

Lessons from Lisbon - ISB Smart Solutions at OutSystems NextStep conference

We headed for Lisbon with great expectations, eager to see what the new platform release (P10) had to offer. We knew there would be a new focus on mobile capabilities, but we weren't quite prepared for what we saw. On our way back to London we were full of energy, excitement and great ideas for the future. The OutSystems boys and girls did it gain, and here's how they did it.

OutSystems is growing fast

1200 attendees from 35 countries, now that's impressive ! Great to see so many success stories from customers and partners around the world, not just showing what they delivered but also sharing lessons and recommendations with the community.

OutSystems are visionaries

Digital transformation is at the heart of the OutSystems vision, with the mantra of making companies succeed on their journey by taking the pain out of IT. Companies should focus on delivering great solutions, innovate with maximum productivity and continuously transform their business with IT as the key enabler for success.

OutSystems are open-minded

They recognised that the biggest platform improvement would come from mobile apps, focusing on true native experience, performance and offline capability. So they went back to the drawing board and added a complete mobile app development suite to the platform. This was a huge and impressive task, because all components that make the platform great (TrueChange, Lifecycle Management, Low Code) were must-haves for the new version. This once more illustrates that OutSystems are continuously challenging themselves to improve and innovate, even if it means adjusting their product strategy.

More on the new Mobile Capabilities

So they researched the 70 most successful apps across the globe, identified their patterns and behaviours and then added them to the OutSystems platform. Developing mobile apps for iOS and Android is now just as easy as developing web solutions, with all the great tools and automations that all OutSystems developers love. The processes run on the device with local data storage housed in a proper data model, firing small incremental data requests to the server when needed. Reducing the dependency on device-server interaction significantly improves performance, user experience and it allows your mobile apps to run offline. Last but not least: they also automated deployment to the app stores (including those annoying 10 different versions of your icon and splash images). And even better: you can update your apps on the fly, without going through the lengthy deployment process, only changes that add native mobile functions require a full redeployment to the stores.

Platform 10 Demo Awesomeness

Just to pick a few:

Basement Supermarket: no problem if you don't have a mobile signal, just scan your items as you shop and pay by tapping your device on the till with NFC. Now that's what I call solving real life problems out of the box !

Extensibility on steroids: choose from 1200+ plugins and make your apps do weird and wonderful things. The OutSystems guys actually created mobile apps in front of a live audience. Now that's what I call confidence !

Facingbook: just for fun and to show the power of the new platform, they created a well known social app in OutSystems and asked their CEO to demo it. Now that's what I call awesomeness !

Watch the keynote here:

Keynote NextStep


This was an impressive event, a great networking opportunity and a true inspiration. We are honoured to be a Partner of this great company, and to be part of this fast growing community. Looking forward to NextStep 2017 !

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