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OutSystems for Councils
Digital by Default made easy with OutSystems Platform
Posted 16 February 2017 by Wim De Maeyer 
outsystems for councils

Councils are Digital Frontrunners

This is the impressive story of Worcestershire County Council's approach to Digital by Default.

They fully embraced digital transformation with OutSystems low-code development platform, delivered 53 apps in record time and expect to save £2.8 million over three years, with a 442% return on investment.

With OutSystems, all Local Governments now have a great opportunity to go Digital by Default - Super Fast !


To cope with budget cuts while improving services to citizens, local businesses and organizations, UK local councils are delivering those services via digital channels. From health, education and social care to environmental and business services, today’s apps increase speed and accuracy at lower costs. However, traditional coding and application methods inhibit the rapid development, testing, deployment and management of apps.


The Worcestershire County Council IT team examined several low-code platform options, selecting OutSystems due to its innovative and open technology that:

  • Makes it easy to create, deploy, iterate and manage the entire lifecycle of apps and processes.
  • Enables seamless integration of the front-end website to the back-office systems.
  • Empowers developers to rapidly acquire new skills, ensuring the Council’s IT team can successfully and efficiently operate well into the future.
  • Reduces the time and cost of developing and managing apps, enabling the Council to deliver high-quality public services.
  • Supports end users through apps that simplify their interaction with the Council, provide an effortless user experience, and can be accessed on any device, anywhere, anytime.


Since adopting OutSystems, the Council now offers public services online that are convenient for citizens and businesses to access. The swift adoption by users demonstrates success, which is why the Council is increasing development of additional applications. With 53 apps built so far, the Council has already saved £1.6 million in less than one year.

In addition, the Council is publishing the apps it has built under an open-source license. This ensures all other local authorities can share and reuse these apps, enabling them to deliver digital government services far more quickly and at significantly lower cost. OutSystems also boosted the Council IT team’s productivity as well as enabled the team to provide a more consultative role in planning for future programs.

“Sharing information in a secure and easy-to-use solution for professionals across the public sector has been ground-breaking. It has laid the foundation for mobilizing an ambitious data-sharing capability across our partners that will transform how we collectively deliver vital services,” says Neill Crump, Head of Digital Transformation and Customer Services.

“These results are typical of the type of benefits citizens and businesses can experience using apps built on OutSystems and accessed through our website,” Crump says. “The platform has enabled our Digital Centre of Innovation team to transform the way services are accessed and delivered. The increased efficiency makes it possible for the Council to afford to offer high-quality services to the public, and we’re looking forward to bringing additional improvements to more areas.”

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