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OutSystems Evaluation Guide
This guide answers the most commonly asked questions from teams considering OutSystems
Posted 07 July 2016 by Wim De Maeyer 
outsystems evaluation guide

Are you looking for a web and mobile delivery platform that's low-code, agile, secure, robust, scalable and easily integrates with existing systems. The sections covered are in fact your key decision-making criteria, we hope you find it useful to drive your digital transformation forward.

Why OutSystems Platform ?

OutSystems Platform is the #1 Rapid Application Delivery Platform for the enterprise. Explore why it will help you and your company solve your app problems today.

Developing with OutSystems Platform

Discover the experience your team will have while developing with OutSystems Platform. Understand how you'll create, QA, deploy, monitor and manage applications quickly and easily using a low-code approach.

Lifecycle Management

OutSystems Platform goes beyond application development and supports the entire application lifecycle, making it easy for teams to deploy, manage and operate up to hundreds of different apps.

Getting Started with OutSystems

Explore all the available options to get started with OutSystems, and start planning your roadmap for adoption. Understand how to prepare and support your team on a successful journey.


The standard based architecture of OutSystems Platform enables the easy and fast development and delivery of beautiful, high-performing, maintainable applications deployed into native .NET or Java.

Deploying OutSystems Platform

Discover the flexibility of OutSystems Platform deployment options, designed to fit into your own needs and strategy.


Learn more about how OutSystems Platform supports mobile app development, including offline and native capabilities.


Understand all the options OutSystems Platform provides for native integration with SOAP and REST APIs, ERPs such as SAP, and external databases.


Learn how OutSystems Platform helps you secure your apps. Use HTTPS to transfer data securely, integrate with your identity provider, and implement role-based security policies.


OutSystems Platform is designed with a strong focus on scalability with an architecture that supports vertical scalability and horizontal scalability, both of which adjusts to customer's specific requirements.


With OutSystems Platform your applications are automatically optimized for performance and scalability.

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