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Your Team Could Benefit From a 10.9x Improvement in Productivity
Posted 21 April 2016 by Andrew Tabata 

From original report by Outsystems, 2016

The OutByNumbers findings report outlines productivity findings for customers using the Outsystems Platform (click HERE for full report). The assessment was carried out under the OutByNumbers project, which went beyond simply measuring productivity to deliver an automated mechanism that measures the size of a customer's application portfolio using industry standard function points. 

After assessing 141 different applications across 15 different OutSystems’ customers, the OutByNumbers project team found the following median productivity:

  • OutSystems: 175 Function Points Per Month

So, is this a 2x or 200x improvement in productivity? To answer this question the OutByNumbers team looked at industry productivity standards using function points. They searched for industry statistics on productivity for delivering web projects using .Net, Java, Perl, Ruby, etc. What they found was that the industry standard had a median productivity of:

  • Industry Avg: 16 Function Points Per Month

The OutSystems Platform helps developers achieve significant improvements in application development and maintenance activities. Our findings show that project teams are:

  • 10.9 x More Productive - than when using traditional development technologies.


Using the OutSystems Platform, teams can achieve extremely high productivity rates as compared to traditional development technologies. In addition, they experience reduced resource utilization and shorter project delivery timeframes.

Features inherent to the OutSystems Platform that justify this high productivity rate include:

  • A fully integrated development environment
  • A visual IDE that dramatically reduces complexity and facilitates change
  • TrueChange technology to assess change-impact and self-heal where possible
  • 1-Click publishing that streamlines the build and deploy process to minutes
  • IntelliWarp technology which dramatically speeds up common tasks
  • Integrated support for all operations tasks
  • Key component for using an Agile approach to application delivery and maintenance.

Contact, we could support your business in benefiting from a 10.9x improvement in the delivery and maintenance of custom web applicationsby using Outsystems,

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