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Bin Sensors Success Story
Another city achieves massive savings with SwissLogix bin sensors
Posted 25 September 2016 by Wim De Maeyer 
Bin Sensors In Action

Successful implementation of bin sensor technology in Viborg, Denmark. Our partner SwissLogix delivered advanced ultrasound sensors, allowing cities and others to achieve massive cost savings.


Viborg recently installed 300 new underground containers, with a plan to evaluate the use of ultrasound sensors and associated systems to optimise the collection strategy. If successful, the sensor technology would be rolled out to the full bin population across the city.


Analysis at Viborg showed that prior to the sensor implementation, the majority of bins were collected at an average fill rate of 50%.

We then installed sensors on 100 regular waste refuse containers and 100 on recycling containers with cardboard, paper, glass and aluminium.

The system makes calculations at night and provides data at 6AM upon which final run lists can be altered and executed, with the right balance between increasing fill rates and maintaining excellent customer service.

Pilot Results

With collections now triggered by the bin sensor data, fill rates at collection time have significantly increased to 75 – 90% depending on the area. Although there was room for further optimisation, the cost savings were so high that we decided to go ahead with the full scale rollout straight away.

Other Lessons

Daily communication between all parties is key, particularly between the organisational teams and collections company. Allowance must be made with respect to the calendar in general – public holidays and weekends.

We plan to capture further cost savings, for example by adding collections to routes that are being executed if there is still room on the truck, thereby further optimising the overall logistics.

Savings vary by area. In an area with a block of flats, containers are almost always at capacity when collected, hence savings are concentrated more around the cost of overflow. Savings are greater in areas with recycling centres where capacity was generally underused.


There are clear savings economically and environmentally. The reporting system ensures that no empty or half-filled containers get emptied.

Once our planning system was updated to accommodate the new process and technology, our processes worked very well and we now focus on ensuring we are making the best use of functionality.

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