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Solving Real Life Problems with Smart Apps
Posted 16 November 2016 by Wim De Maeyer 
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At ISB Smart Solutions, we don't just deliver great web and mobile apps... our mission is to solve real life problems with smart solutions !

Our approach is simple: we listen to the market, identify common challenges faced by companies regardless of their industry, and identify how to solve them. We don't see building IT solutions as a target in itself. Instead, our objective is to create real Business Value by delivering solutions that all users embrace from day 1 !

Check it out, we've created a set of videos showing some examples of our work.

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Our Technology

We build our apps on OutSystems, the #1 Low Code Development Platform. With the latest version P10, we can now quickly deliver and change native mobile apps, in addition to advanced web solutions.

OutSystems is the only one-stop-shop covering all your requirements, including low code rapid development, full lifecycle management, hosting, security and scalability. More info here.

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