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Bin Sensors at Imperial College London
Imperial College London Selects Bin Sensors from BritishBins and ISB Global
Posted 04 August 2017 by Wim De Maeyer 
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Committed to Waste Reduction

Imperial College London is committed to reducing their waste and harnessing the benefits of its waste resources and have over the years launched many ways of reducing its environmental impact.

Now in 2017 the Imperial College London is yet again taking an opportunity to underpin their environmental message of sustainability by fitting their waste bins with fill level sensors supplied by BritishBins, whilst using ISB Global BinLogix App to give them real time data of waste being placed in their bins.

Using the Latest IoT Tech

Imperial College London is one of the first educational establishments in the UK to make use of IoT technology to gather data relating to their bin filling rates and confirmation of emptying services to ensure their facilities team has invaluable data literally at their fingertips.

Accessing ISB Global’s BinLogix information by using our SmartWorld Portal as well on their smart devices details the data from the BinLogix App for 165 of their waste bins across multiple sites throughout London.

Why not try it out ?

Should you like to undertake such a programme then please contact ISB Global at for further information.

Our Technology

Our BinLogix App is built on OutSystems, the #1 Low Code Platform which is transforming IT and delivering great value to the business, quickly ! Want to find out how OutSystems delivers your Digital Transformation ? Drop us a line here.

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