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The Problem with Traditional Systems

Managing logistics is tough and stressful. You can produce a beautiful plan, but as soon as it's created it's out of date. Why ?

Because all parameters are changing all the time: traffic conditions, truck and driver availability, customer demand, operational disruption.

The problem with traditional logistics solutions: they cut up the end-to-end process, leaving a landscape of fragmented and sub-optimised components that don't work in unison. Every process hand-off point is a point of process failure. Granted, advanced logistics optimisers produce great solutions, but they never solve 100% of the problem, leaving the planning team with a big dilemma: manually fit in those (heavily contrained) unscheduled orders, or ditch the whole solution and do it manually ?

Same applies to execution management: great if you can track your trucks and monitor progress, but can you dynamically break up your plan to slot in urgent orders or respond to a truck breakdown, when the route is already half completed ?

Simply put: traditional systems are not flexible or smart enough to accommodate continuous change in the most efficient way. That's why we deliver the ROUTiLOGIX solution !


A few stimulation questions:

  • Are you happy with your optimiser results and do your planners trust it ?
  • Can you track your execution progress in real time ?
  • Are your drivers happy with their routes ?
  • Can you quickly and smartly respond to change ?
  • Do you feel in total control of all movements and events ?


The logistics process is by definition always in flux, so flexibility and responsiveness of the logistics system are critical success factors. ROUTiLOGIX continuously listens to all process components, identifies problem areas and responds to continuous change. This is all about harmonious interaction between the components: demand management, resource management, route planning and route execution.

Dynamic real-time process management is all about making the right decisions based on customer service targets and profit margin. Imagine you have truck payload available, and a customer places an urgent order which he's willing to pay extra for. Can you adapt your ongoing routes, find the smartest way of adding this customer at minimal incremental cost ?

In addition, logistics management is all about process control. That's why ROUTiLOGIX offers a detailed driver debrief function, an end of shift reconciliation process and a suite of reports to track all movements and auxiliary data like fuel consumption, driver hours and defects. You can also easily compare planned routes versus actuals.

We also offer the DRIViLOGIX mobile app for drivers, running on the same ROUTiLOGIX platform it automatically captures all execution feedback including location tracking and event feedback. Our solution is a true one-stop-shop for all your logistics management needs.

Having worked in logistics and supply chain management for many years, the main challenge I always faced was that the process is cut up in sequential, isolated sub-processes.

That's why we've made it our mission to build a solution where all components work in unison, and are kept open, responsive and flexible. Because the operation is in a continuous state of volatility, it's critical that the logistics system can respond to change quickly and intelligently. ROUTiLOGIX offers this intelligent flexibility, combined with total visibility and process control.

Wim De Maeyer, Supply Chain Expert and Project Manager

How ROUTiLOGIX works for you

  • Total flexibility, to quickly respond to a world in continuous flux
  • Full real time visibility
  • Easy to use, drag-drop User Interface
  • Route optimisation, including incremental re-run on partially completed routes
  • Planned versus Actual route analysis
  • Total process control
  • Mobile driver app DRIViLOGIX running on the same platform


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