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Babel Bins with Automatic Location Tracking
BabelBins with Location Tracking

Taking Babel Bins to the next level

We completed our successful pilot of the Babel Bins App, which already demonstrated big benefits by reading bin fill levels, forecasting when the bin will be full enough to warrant a collection and automatically triggering job proposals. This real time approach enables all players to win: reduced logistics cost, improved customer service and reduced carbon footprint. Read more about the pilot here.

Technology moves quickly and we now added automatic bin location tracking to our service. Know where your bins are, track their movements and maximise visibility.

The Challenge

Big sites like shopping malls, sports arenas or schools have a considerable number of bins to manage, and these bins get moved around between bin stores, to the collection area and back. This can get messy, as companies rely on staff to bring the right bins to the assigned locations. Despite their best efforts, bins aren't always put where they belong, some bins might go astray or indeed get lost.

The real life problem we're solving here is insufficient visibility of the bins whereabouts and overall poor manageability of the bin portfolio.

The Solution

The new bin sensors are now capable of interacting with BlueTooth Beacons. By installing beacons in strategic locations across your site, the bin sensors will pick up the beacon signal and transmit signal strength back to our Cloud service. This enables us to position the bins on the map, and visualise their location close to real time (depending on data polling frequency).

In addition, if a bin is at a beacon-equiped site but doesn't report back a beacon signal, we report these as exceptions. The bin has probably gone astray and needs to be retrieved. All scenarios covered, fully automated, job done !

Why this is Important

Bin visibility is an integral part of efficient process operation, as well as effective asset management. You can now confirm that all your bins are still on site, and most importantly that they are in the correct location. This ultimately results in reduced effort, closer asset tracking and better process control. Why wait ?

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Improved asset management and visibility
  • Reduced effort for bin movements between bin stores and collection area
  • Tight process management and exception handling
  • No extra effort, fully automated
  • Business in your Pocket mobile app
BabelBins Screenshots with Map
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