ISB Smart Solutions
Time for a balanced new approach
Business people feel that IT can’t deliver, but they don’t appreciate that IT are stuck with a multitude of systems, fighting hard to keep them going.
IT people say that the Business come up with crazy ideas, but they don’t always recognise the importance of innovation to stay ahead of competition.
As a result the Business create their own shadow IT, producing unsustainable ‘apps’ in Excel and Access.

We propose a balanced approach, using the right technology, combining forces to achieve great results.
Time for new technology
With OutSystems, there's now an easy way to declutter your systems, with web based technology to give you great UX and total mobility, while at the back-end you can integrate your existing systems or start replacing them one by one.

No big bang, no big risk. Just a quick succession of smart replacements to get out of survival mode, so you can spend your energy building new apps and add true value.

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