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The Challenge

Accurate, timely payment collection is a fundamental part of any business: not only is it critical to ensure smooth cash flow, it’s also a key factor in maintaining good relations with your customers and partners.

But process often gets in the way: if incoming payments are made manually or with the wrong reference, your accounts team needs to manually reconcile and match them against the invoices. A time-consuming and error-prone task which ties up a considerable amount of resources.

The Solution

The ISB online payments portal integrates directly with your bank and your SAP Business One system of record to streamline the payment process and remove this workload. Any full or part-payment is matched directly to the relevant invoices, as well as payments made on account. In addition, customers can request invoice copies in real time, which further improves transparency and customer service.

A real opportunity for every business

This online payment app really adds a lot of value from day one.

Not only does it improve your customer service offering, it eliminates manual work and errors.

Especially the automatic account reconciliation is powerful, as it automates the cumbersome matching and clearing processes.

Customers love the fact they now have full visibility of their account position and upcoming due payments.

Easily retrieve the actual invoices at the click of a button.

Benefits at a glance

  • Improved customer service: let your customers self-serve at a time convenient to them
  • Full automation: the payments arrive in your account with all the required references, and the invoices get matched and closed automatically in SAP
  • Security: using your bank's online payment API or PayPal, the highest security standards are automatically applied
  • Improved cashflow: by giving your customers full visibility of their account position, they can easily optimise their payments
  • Reduced workload: by eliminating manual communication and processes, you can free up your customer service staff for more value-adding tasks


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