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Internet of Things - Buzzword or Buzzing ?

The IoT is an eco-system of usually small and not very intelligent devices installed 'in the field', connected to a cloud service that exchanges tiny data packages sent over WiFi or GSM networks.

These devices perform simple tasks, either automatically (like our BinLogix bin sensor solution) or in response to an action from the crowd, like pressing a button or setting the temperature in your living room using your smartphone.

Device + data communication + cloud service are the building blocks, but the real question is: what can we do with it ? Keep reading !

The IoT opportunity for Business

We need to think about concrete use cases for businesses, and challenge ourselves to see if there is a real business case out there.

We work with customers across many industries, including facility management, local government and waste companies, and some great cases have been put forward, a few examples:

  • Can I have a button in the office kitchen area or washrooms, so my employees can call the cleaner ?
  • When I'm out of printer ink or paper, a simple Click-to-Action would make our lives easier
  • My bin is full, can I just click the button to raise a collection order ?

So you pressed the button - what's next ?

This is where it becomes tasty... thanks to OutSystems, the #1 Low Code Development Platform.

Every button event is sent to our IoT solution via REST web service, the OutSystems Business Process Technology automatically reacts to it and executes a button-specific set of actions, like creating a service ticket, sending out push notifications or emails, or generating a work order. And because we link the button to master data, we know where it is, which object it is linked to and what it is supposed to trigger. Think about that printer out of ink, how many times have you tried to find that tiny label with the printer ID ? A thing of the past...

In fact, each button also has different 'press types' (1x, 2x, long press), which opens up even more possibilities, with different actions for each type. Some buttons also send their GPS location on a set interval, which is ideal for moving objects like waste containers or your children's schoolbag.

There's only one limitation and that's your own imagination !

The IoT devices themselves are not (very) intelligent, they just capture small events happening at source.

You can unlock this IoT value by automating the event capture and then do great things, trigger complex business processes or create business transactions like work orders and service tickets.

OutSystems Platform makes this a walk in the park, and allows your business to unleash the power of IoT, quickly !


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