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The Challenge

Most companies have a solid master data repository, holding all address details of their customers, suppliers and partners. But they struggle to operationalise and leverage their vast datasets because they're lacking a simple component: accurate geocoding information.

Although this may seem trivial, most systems of record (ERP systems) have the fields to store the coordinates but they're lacking an automated process for populating them. As a result, they need to keep searching on Google Maps, or use stand-alone tools to do one-off geocoding and then manually import the results without a real chance of reviewing the geocode accuracy.

But there's a bigger problem than this wasted manual effort. Many business processes require accurate geocoding information and getting it wrong will have a considerable financial impact. Think about routing of vehicles, logistics network optimisation, allocating jobs to field services staff or accurately calculating quotes and costing jobs.

In our continued quest for solving real life problems with simple and automated solutions, we decided to build a Geo Management app so companies can get their basic data quality sorted and improve the quality and efficiency of their main business processes.


The Solution

Using our tried and tested TRUE bimodal approach, we built a geo management app on the OutSystems Platform and added a connector API to communicate with the underlying system of record SAP Business One. This means we can easily bring in all site addresses, determine which ones need geocoding and call the Google Maps API to fill in the gaps.

Users can easily see the geocoding result including the accuracy score assigned by Google. Low accuracy results can be easily listed, reviewed and the marker repositioned.

Finally, the geocodes are fed back into the system of record for use in all main business processes.

A real need for every business

The Geo Management app is a real game changer, because it brings your master data to life and adds that critical geocoding information to your master data.

It's also a great tool for identifying data quality issues. We've seen instances where 20% of address data residing in the system of record were incomplete or incorrect, so as a spin-off benefit this app allows you to review and correct your master data.

Benefits at a glance

  • Bring your master data to life with great map visualisations
  • Eliminate the effort of manually looking up site addresses, by using a smart 1-click process
  • Provide a solid foundation for all your business processes feeding off geo-coordinates
  • Easily identify master data issues and improve your process quality and effectiveness


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