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ISB's BinLogix for Street Litter Bins
BinLogix for street litter bins

The Problem

All UK Local Authorities are looking to make substantial budget savings over the coming years. How do they achieve these savings? What local services will be cut? It’s a very difficult decision.

A service which can be easily tackled is their street cleaning operations. Throughout cities, towns, villages and places of interest there sits a humble street litter bin. Local Authorities can’t just remove these bins hoping no litter will be generated. But efficiencies in servicing these bins can be addressed very simply with a cost-effective solution.

Firstly, establish how often your street cleaning crew visit these bins. Too frequent visiting wastes valuable resource in crew’s time, fueland the associated collection vehicle’s running costs. Too infrequent visits can cause an overflow situation which then leads to complaints having to be actioned, which again generates costs which stretch the budget even further.

The Cause of the Problem

The lack of visibility and therefore the need to physically check every single street litter bin across the Local Authority’s boundary lines. This is both time consuming, costly and unproductive.

Operatives can and often will report incorrectly, perhaps protecting their personal interests, and therefore Managers arrange their scheduled empty too early to remove the possibility of costly reactions to complaints and a clean-up team being dispatched.

The Solution

With BinLogix sensors, the guesswork is taken out of your waste management.

Our sensors enable your bins to tell you when they need emptying, enabling you to schedule collections only when they’re needed. That means the risk of overflow is a thing of the past and costs of servicing your street litter bins comes down, removing the need for unnecessary service visits to keep you compliant.

Each low-cost bin sensor makes use of our proven fill level forecasting technology to remotely report its location and fill level to both your central management information platform and to an operative’s mobile device, enabling them to easily locate each bin on a detailed map, maximizing their efficiency. Not only does this streamline your litter bin waste collection in the here and now, builds a detailed picture of bin usage, enabling you to identify those areas overserved with bins and reallocate resources to areas more in need.

Managers and waste operatives now get full visibility of the collection/emptying requirements across the Local Authority area in the most effective way. Street litter collection crews meanwhile now get full visibility of the collection requirements across their network, enabling them to adjust and optimize their collection routes and service scheduling to meet the exact litter waste requirements.

This is a great opportunity for Councils to implement a smart street bin management system. It's fully automated, using cost effective ultrasound bin sensors, 3G data collection, a cloud based system for the office and a mobile app for the cleaning crews.

Save cost, improve service and reduce your carbon footprint. Everybody wins with BinLogix !

The Benefits

  • Full visibility and management information
  • Auditable services
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • User App enables easy bin location/fill level monitoring
  • Reduced carbon footprint through more efficient collections

Additional Specifications

  • Sensors proven over 8 years industrial use
  • 3/1 receiver to transmitter ratio ensures accurate location and fill level reporting
  • Data sent fully encrypted to a secure server via 3G
  • Deep reporting functionality and predictive functions
  • 3-4 year battery life (depending on frequency of polling)


binlogix street bin app
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