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BinLogix for Smart Offices

In the beginning

It’s not that long ago when everyone who worked in an office had their own under desk waste bin.

How life seemed so simple back then?

Jump forward a decade or two and that once humble desk bin is just a distant memory. Look around you and what do you see?

You are sat in a smart office fitted out with ergonomically designed furniture that can be adjusted in every conceivable direction and it’s been carefully designed to make working in the office an experience to enjoy. There are break out areas where you can relax during your break and catch up with your colleagues sharing their daily news. Work stations are connected enabling you access the information that is required in our busy lives. Smartphones keep us connected 24/7 and can even control items within your home even though you’re 20, 50 miles away or even on the other side of the world! Smart Technology is here effecting every aspect of your world making it a better place to live and enjoy.

So what hasn’t changed?

You still have a waste bin don’t you? Okay there isn’t one placed at your feet now which means you at least get the chance to have a short stroll to the recycling hub. In the era of sustainability we all have to do our bit whether at home or at work.

The Future is here

The Facility Management team are working very hard to make sure everything just right for you and that your building is safe. Whether it’s ensuring that the car park has been gritted on that frosty morning before you arrive. The heating, lighting and ventilation systems are all operating at their optimum efficiencies for comfort and energy saving making the building a sustainable office. There are so many technologies available helping them to make your building be smart by working smart.

The cleaning staff also operate smart, not in just the way they present themselves but using the most efficient ways of cleaning your offices ensuring you that it’s a great environment to work in. They’re still on their evolution of becoming smart to bring you a better and seamless services that often gets taken for granted.

The Solution

Waste  bins are usually spread across the wholebuilding whatever the size that building or campus the current lack of visibility means that the cleaning operatives have to travel to that bin’s location to empty the waste to ensure that the contract SLA’s are met and not overflowing.

Is there a smarter way to clean your building?

With BinLogix sensors, the guesswork is taken out of your cleaning team management. Our sensors enable your bins to tell you when they need emptying,enabling you to schedule collections only when they’re needed.

That means the risk of overflow is a thing of the past and costs of servicing your waste bins comes down, removing the need for unnecessary service visits to keep you compliant. Each low-cost bin sensor makes use of our proven fill level forecasting technology to remotely report its location and fill level to both your central management information platform and to an operative’s mobile device, enabling them to easily locate each console on a building’s floor plan, maximizing their efficiency.

Not only does this streamline your cleaning service in the here and now, builds a detailed picture of bin usage, enabling you to identify those areas overserved with bins and reallocate resources to areas more in need. Managers and cleaning operatives now get full visibility of the collection/emptying requirements across the business premises and can schedule cleaning staff to service confidential containers in the most effective way.

Confidential waste service providers meanwhile now get full visibility of the collection requirements across their network, enabling them to adjust and optimize their collection routes and service scheduling to meet your client’s specific requirements. Facility Management and Cleaning companies now get full visibility of their waste cleaning collection requirements across their whole site, enabling them to adjust and optimize their service scheduling accordingly to real time data.

BinLogix is the only cost-effective waste services solution, taking the guesswork out of your waste management, enabling immediate cost savings and improving the quality of service.

The bins do the talking over IoT sensors, the waste services team has real time visibility, the cleaning crew receives alerts on their mobile app, tap to confirm the tip, report on issues and upload pics.

This is the solution everyone's been waiting for, a real game changer ! 

The Benefits

  • Full visibility and management information
  • Ensures contract SLA’s are met
  • Auditable services
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • User App enables easy bin location/fill level monitoring
  • Reduced carbon footprint through more efficient collections

Additional Specifications

  • Sensors proven over 8 years industrial use
  • 3/1 receiver to transmitter ratio ensures accurate location and fill-level reporting
  • Data sent fully encrypted to a secure server via 3G
  • Deep reporting functionality and predictive functions
  • 3-4 year battery life (depending on frequency of polling)
BinLogix office app
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