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The Problem

Recycling banks are an ideal method of capturing a variety of segregated commodity streams that can be recycled. By keeping these materials segregated reduces the possibilities of contamination effecting this valuable resource. Saving many 1000’s of tonnes being sent to a landfill site. All operators however face 1 major problem. How do they know when their containers are full?

The UK has many 1000’s of these special containers located in both Urban and Rural locations providing a vital service for where Local Authorities don’t provide a kerbside collection service. How can you establish that your recycling banks are operating to their optimal fill level? How do you identify which of your recycling banks are becoming full? Overfilling will no doubt breach a service level agreement (SLA) that is set within the agreement to supply the unit at that specific location. Early servicing of these paper or cardboard banks wastes money and therefore unnecessarily inflates your collection charges, carbon footprint, congestion and environmental impact.

The Cause of the Problem

Lack of visibility, you can’t physically see inside these banks until you come to empty the unit. Your operatives have therefore travelled to that location to empty a container then verifying the volume so in order to prevent an overflowing situation operators tend to visit early to ensure SLA’s are met.

The Solution

With BinLogix sensors, the guesswork is taken out of your waste management. Our sensors enable your bins to tell you when they need emptying, enabling you to schedule collections only when they’re needed. That means the risk of overflow is a thing of the past and costs of servicing your recycling bank comes down, removing the need for unnecessary service visits to keep you compliant.

Each low-cost bin sensor makes use of our proven fill level forecasting technology to remotely report its location and fill level to both your central management information platform and to an operative’s mobile device, enabling them to easily locate each recycling bank on a map, maximizing their efficiency. Not only does this streamline your recycling bank waste collection in the here and now, builds a detailed picture of bin usage, enabling you to identify those areas overserved with bins and reallocate resources to areas more in need.

With the BinLogix sensors and app, managers and waste operatives now get full visibility of the collection/emptying requirements across their network, enabling them to adjust and optimize the collection routes and service scheduling to meet their requirements in the most efficient way.

The Benefits


  • Full visibility and management information
  • Ensures contract SLA’s are met
  • Auditable services
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • User App enables easy bin location/fill level monitoring
  • Reduced carbon footprint through more efficient collections

Additional Specifications

  • Sensors proven over 8 years industrial use
  • 3/1 receiver to transmitter ratio ensures accuratelo cation and fill-level reporting
  • Data sent fully encrypted to a secure server via 3G
  • Deep reporting functionality and predictive functions
  • 3-4 year battery life (depending on frequency of polling)


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