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The Problem

The Data Protection Act affects all businesses, but those who treat large quantities of confidential client data need to be particularly aware of how that data is treated.

And while there are plenty of tools to ensure electronic compliance, protection of printed information is often more problematic, necessitating a waste stream with a compliant disposal solution. Managing fill levels of your sensitive printed information can be a real headache as overfilling breaches compliance while early servicing adds unnecessarily to your waste bill. With confidential waste consoles locked to deter prying eyes, how do you ensure optimal disposal of sensitive information?

The Solution

With BinLogix sensors, the guesswork is taken out of your waste management. Our sensors enable your bins o tell you when they need emptying, enabling you to schedule collections only when they’re needed.

That means the risk of overflow is a thing of the past and costs of servicing your confidential waste consoles comes down, removing the need for unnecessary service visits to keep you compliant. Each low-cost bin sensor takes use of our proven fill level forecasting technology to remotely report its location and fill level to both your central management information platform and to an operative’s mobile device, enabling them to easily locate each console on a building’s floor plan, maximizing their efficiency.

Not only does this streamline your confidential waste collection in the here and now, builds a detailed picture of bin usage, enabling you to identify those areas overserved with bins and reallocate resources to areas more in need.

Managers and waste operatives now get full visibility of the collection/emptying requirements across the business premises and can schedule cleaning staff to service confidential containers in the most effective way.

Confidential waste service providers meanwhile now get full visibility of the collection requirements across their network, enabling them to adjust and optimize their collection routes and service scheduling to meet client requirements.

ISB's BinLogix is the ideal solution for confidential waste management.

It overcomes all challenges related to compliance as it provides full visibility inside closed/locked containers and consoles. This allows the specialised service providers to reduce their collection frequency and results in significant benefits for all parties involved.

The BinLogix solution is a real game changer as it combines process automation, service level monitoring and real time visibility !

The Benefits

  • Full visibility and management information
  • Ensures compliance
  • Auditable services
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • User App enables easy bin location / fill level monitoring
  • Reduced carbon footprint through more efficient collections

Additional Specifications

  • Sensors proven over 8 years’ industrial use
  • 3/1 receiver to transmitter ratio ensures accurate location and fill-level reporting
  • Data sent fully encrypted to a secure server via 3G
  • Deep reporting functionality and predictive functions
  • 3-4 year battery life (depending on frequency of polling)


BinLogix Confidential Waste App
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