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Digital Solutions for the Mass Market
We created a digital technology stack for engaging mass market customers effectively. In this way we aim to be part of their journey towards financial independence and to empower these customers to be members of self-sufficient communities
Smart World
SmartWorld is a suite of web-based applications, bought “off the shelf” they can then be easily tailored to your company’s needs, bringing instant mobility, agility and innovation to your business. Developed on the OutSystems® Agile Platform, built for change and flexible to deliver competitive advantage at speed to meet your company’s and your market’s evolving needs. It works in complete synchronisation with your underlying systems of record (ERP), is offered as a Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) solution or can be installed on your on-premise infrastructure. ISB Global’s SmartWorld solution emulates the Gartner “PACE” Layer Strategy, enabling companies to quickly differentiate, innovate and deliver against customer expectations, profitably.
RoutiLogix logo
ROUTiLOGIX Real Time Logistics Management

RoutiLogix is the only logistics solution for managing your supply chain through all the stages of the process: route planning and optimisation, real time route adjustment and full execution visibility thanks to the DRIViLOGIX Mobile App.

Because it covers the end-to-end, you can quickly respond to operational disruption or changes in demand. Logistics companies now improve customer service AND increase profit margins, so everybody wins !

DRIViLOGIX Real Time Logistics - Driver App

The DRIViLOGIX mobile app allows logistics companies to manage the scheduling and execution processes in real time and as ONE process. It tracks the vehicle, captures job confirmations as well as operational feedback from drivers like vehicle checklist, driver breaks, failed jobs including pictures and comments.

As a result, office staff have full visibility of what's happening, using the ROUTiLOGIX scheduling app, and they can make schedule adjustments in real time to maximise fleet efficiency without sacrificing customer service levels.

isb iot button logo
IoT Buttons - Call to Action

Mobile apps are great and easy to build using OutSystems Platform. But some use cases don't require a mobile app, they just need a simple call to action without users registering and logging in.

Using OutSystems Platform, we offer a simple yet powerful solution to configure your buttons, trigger a set of system actions and send alerts to the relevant parties. This includes raising a service ticket, creating an order or requesting a callback, but the options are unlimited.

Office kitchen needs cleaning ? Printer out of ink ? Bins full ? Maybe you just need a hug ? Simply press that button !

binlogix recycling banks logo
ISB's BinLogix for Recycling Banks

ISB's BinLogix for Recycling Banks is the only end-to-end technology solution for efficient waste management, providing full visibility from our smart bin sensors, real time alerting through the mobile app and full process management via the back office web app.

BinLogix Textile Bank logo
ISB's BinLogix for Textile Banks

ISB's BinLogix for Textile Banks is a comprehensive solution for optimising your collection rounds, using IoT bin sensors, an action driven web app for the office and a mobile app for collection vehicles.

binlogix street bin logo
ISB's BinLogix for Street Litter Bins

Councils can reduce cost and still provide service excellence thanks to ISB's BinLogix, the smartest waste management system on the market.

Our sensors ping the fill levels into the central office app and forecast when the bins will be full. This pro-actively alerts the team of the best collection times. And with the mobile app for cleaning crews, including automatic notifications and cleaner feedback, managing street bins has never been easier.

BinLogix Confidential Logo
ISB's BinLogix for Confidential Waste

Companies capture the benefits of waste management automation with ISB's BinLogix solution for confidential waste.

It overcomes the specific challenge of ensuring compliance by giving full visibility inside locked containers, and informs the specialised waste services companies of the required collections, allowing sufficient lead time to optimise the logistics. With BinLogix, your confidential waste is in safe hands !

BinLogix Slave Bins Logo
ISB's BinLogix for Slave Bins

Companies can now manage their on-site waste better than ever before !

BinLogix informs you of your bin's locations, and predicts when they will be full. This enables you to quickly capture the benefits, reduce cost and improve the overall process. Use our analytics reporting to understand how your bins are being utilised and optimise your assets. Look no further, the ultimate solution has arrived !


BinLogix Office Logo
ISB's BinLogix for Smart Offices

Smart Offices need smart waste management systems. ISB's BinLogix monitors your bin levels, predicts when they will be full, displays all info in a simple cockpit and alerts your cleaning crew via the mobile app. It's your one-stop-shop for the best possible service at reduced cost. 

Online Payment Icon
Online Payment Portal

The ISB online payment portal, built on the OutSystems Platform, is fully integrated with your SAP finance system. Customers pay their invoices online and their account is automatically updated and reconciled in the background. They can also retrieve invoice copies, generated in SAP and displayed in PDF format in real time.

Simple, secure and efficient: eliminate wasted effort and time-consuming calls, let your customers self-serve so you can focus on growing your business !

compliance icon
Compliance Management

With ISB's Compliance Management app, you can now easily manage all your compliance requirements, monitor upcoming expiries and manage the required documents, all in one app.

An easy way to stay on top with minimal effort, especially if you're working with sub-contractors. Avoid your risk exposure, maximise control and enable your teams to work in one shared environment. This process is too important to manage in Excel, no ?

geo management icon
Geo Management

Do you really know your customer and supplier networks ? Struggling to find their location and constantly searching on Google Maps ?

That's a thing of the past, you can now enrich your master data at the click of a button, automatically add geo coordinates, review geocoding accuracy score as assigned by Google Maps, and visualise your network on a map. This is an important component app feeding many business processes, including logistics scheduling, field services and job cost calculation. Just link your master data store to our geo management app and click the button - job done !

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