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BinLogix - Fully automated bin collections
With ISB's BinLogix, you can take back control of your waste, get better customer service at reduced cost and reduce your carbon footprint. Our advanced bin sensors read the fill levels, track their location and detect when they get lifted by the collection truck. They transmit their data to our Cloud service, and our App automatically forecasts the next collection time. This end to end process is completely automated, fully scalable and future-proof. Why wait ?
Compliance Management
ISB's Compliance Management App: never miss a deadline, keep all documents in one place and always stay on top with pro-active alerts.
Online Payment Portal
ISB's Online Payment Portal, for the automation of customer payments, self-service to invoices, and full reconciliation of the payment into SAP, clearing the invoice, updating the cash receipt, and emailing the updates to the customer. Use your bank API, Paypal or what ever solution suits the business.
OutSystems Overview - Tackle your IT challenges !
How do you address your ever increasing IT challenges ? Can you deliver enterprise grade web and mobile solutions quickly ? Watch this 2 minute overview of the amazing capabilities of the Outsystems Platform. ISB Smart Solutions provides OutSystems development services to the fast growing OutSystems customer base. Contact us today to see how we can help accelerate your digital transformation journey.
OutSystems: a true One-Stop-Shop for all IT needs
Time to take the pain out of IT. With OutSystems you deliver native mobile and web apps that grow your business fast. OutSystems is the ONLY one-stop-shop platform, all aspects (hosting, version control, DB, development studio, integrations etc) are included in your license, NO add-ons, NO surprises. Fully secure and scalable. Start building those apps today, create business value and stop worrying about 'just keeping the lights on'.
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