ISB Smart Solutions
Waste & Recycling Solutions
The ISB Global’s ‘Waste & Recycling One (WR1)’ solution is a complete Waste, Logistics and Recycling Materials software platform, designed to manage private companies and public authorities full waste transport and recycling processes.

It is built using a combination of the OutSystems ‘multiexperience’ (low-code) platform and SAP. It seamlessly ‘reads/writes’ to SAP S/4HANA and delivers relevant and contextual data to users on any device. The OutSystems platform extends the functionality of SAP and enable delivery through mobile, web, IoT connectivity, conversational apps (voice assistants and chatbots), immersive apps, and wearable apps. It is integrated with SAP and any other legacy systems required to deliver what the user needs.

Functionality includes contract, planning and execution, through to materials accepted, materials receipted, and confirmed into a quality process. It provisions recycling, refurbishing, reprocessing and inventory management for the sale of finished goods to secondary waste markets.
Customer Satisfaction
Ribbex are really pleased with SAP, Waste & Recycling One and ISB Global, who continue to offer great support and a continuous improvement program. Everything is totally transparent, easy to understand and logical, simple as well as integrated, and has reduced invoicing time by a week. Support is instantaneous and proactive, and ISB Global are quick to respond - ensuring their software is fit for their and their customer’s needs, allowing them to grow.


[Delivering greater insight into order management…] “We are able to charge a minimum of £80,000 a year of extra revenue… One solution is key” – Alasdair Coulsdon, Managing Director, Ribbex

“We quickly established a true partnership with ISB Smart Solutions, and both parties worked together very closely to ensure our new solution met all requirements. The improvements to our business processes have been impressive, thanks to the real time capability of the system, the process automation and the data capture at source via the driver app. We are now in a strong position to scale up and further grow our business.”Alasdair Coulson, Managing Director – Ribbex

 About ISB Global - Our Mission

To be the world leader in integrated software solutions for the Waste Management, Recycling and New Energy sectors

Founded in 1999, ISB Global is an SAP partner (since 2005) and focuses on SAP Business One and S4 HANA. ISB Global has also developed a specialist software solution Waste & Recycling One (WR1). ISB-Smart Solutions is a division of ISB-Global and has been an OutSystems 'Low-Code' partner since 2013. We have c60 employees and we work with clients through the entire digital transformation journey – from proof of concepts and envisioning, to (software) implementation, business integration and (software) quality assurance.
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