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2019 OutSystems Manufacturing Report 
Manufacturing is rapidly moving from human-intensive operations to technology-intensive operations. Over the past two decades, Amazon has applied technology to every facet of retail operations - from ordering to delivery, and everything in-between. Manufacturing & industrial operations are now going through a similar digital transformation. Small investments made today will position manufacturers for explosive growth in the coming years. OutSystems & ISB Smart-Solutions are working ultra-hard to give manufacturers the tools they need to remain at the forefront of the next Industrial leap.

OutSystems brings cloud, mobile, AI, & IoT technologies to the factory floor enabling real-time data-driven decision making. OutSystems IoT connectivity provides real-time visibility into inventory, work-in-progress, assets, and inter-facility shipments. OutSystems enables Intelligent Assistants to automatically alert you to inventory shortages, production bottlenecks, misplaced assets, and lost shipments. OutSystems offers a mobile-first solution that brings the right operational data, to the right person, at the right time - right on their mobile device.

According to OutSystems research, manufacturing businesses face numerous challenges that slow or delay digital innovation. If your IoT, digital manufacturing, or other transformation efforts seem to be stuck in lengthening IT queues, you are not alone.

Over 3,500 IT professionals from 116 countries shared their insights in one of the most comprehensive research reports on the state of application development.

In this concise summary, we explore how manufacturing businesses are performing on a wide number of app dev performance measures, including: 
  • Demand for new software applications
  • Average development times for web and mobile apps
  • Backlogs— length and whether they are improving
  • Ability to hire required development skills
  • Adoption of agile and DevOps practices
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is used by OutSystems customers in various industries, in various phases of their management process. At present, the RPA bot retrieves structured data. In other words: the bot retrieves data from forms with pre-arranged fixed fields. This can be expanded with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and AI. As a result, the bot can also ‘understand’ and process semi-structured data. This is necessary when automating incoming mail or payment processes, for instance for settlement of third-party repair invoices.

Innovation for Manufacturers

The vastly compressed timeframe enabled by low-code provides a tantalising prospect for manufacturers—even long-established marques—to act like start-ups.

This is manifesting itself in several ways, says Miguel Baltazar, director of transformation services at OutSystems.

“Increasingly, we see businesses requesting a safe environment, such as an innovation lab, where they can experiment with new technologies, adopt new approaches, push ideas to the very edges, and fail as part of the process.

“These labs provide a vital space to test applications, to allow ideas to flow freely, to build minimum viable products, and to identify which ones hold the greatest value. It’s then down to IT to drive those processes or projects out into the organisation.” The alternative solution is for innovators to ‘go alone’ and tackle and solve their problems. This leads to ‘Shadow IT’.

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About ISB Smart Solutions

ISB-Smart Solutions delivers enterprise business and transformation advantage using the OutSystems 'multi-experience' Platform as a Service which rapidly delivers web and mobile apps.

We work with clients through the entire digital transformation journey – from proof of concepts and envisioning, to (software) implementation, business integration and (software) quality assurance.

Founded in 1999, ISB-Smart Solutions has been an OutSystems 'Low-Code' partner since 2013, and SAP since 2005. We have c60 employees and we work with clients through the entire digital transformation journey – from proof of concepts and envisioning, to (software) implementation, business integration and (software) quality assurance. 
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