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Break Down Barriers to Digital Transformation With Low-Code
According to OutSystems research, local government organizations already face numerous challenges that slow or delay digital innovation. If your e-government, citizen services, or other digital transformation efforts seem to be stuck in lengthening IT queues, you are not alone.  
Over 3,500 IT professionals from 116 countries shared their insights in one of the most comprehensive research reports on the state of application development.
In this concise summary, we explore how local government bodies are performing on a wide number of app dev performance measures, including:
  • Demand for new software applications  
  • Average development times for web and mobile apps  
  • Backlog length and control  
  • Ability to hire required development skills  
  • Adoption of Agile and DevOps practices  
To find out more, download the State of Application Development / Government Report.
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G-Cloud 11 registered

ISB Global Limited is G-Cloud 11 registered which allows UK public sector bodies to choose and buy cloud computing services. ISB Cloud Hosting Services (Platform as a Service) ISB Global (ISB) provides best in class Cloud Hosting Services to their customers. We provide a full service from design, build, ongoing support, tried and tested templates or bespoke hosting solutions. We recommend utilising Amazon Web Services (AWS), which provides a world class cloud computing platform.
Production Ready Council Apps
As a strategy to reduce costs of IT web and ‘self-service’ applications to councils, a Council is working with OutSystems partner ISB-Global to make a selection of over 50 production ready Web & Mobile applications available to other Council or Public Sector users of the OutSystems platform.

Categories include: 
  • Freedom of Information (FOI),
  • BlueBadge CRM,
  • API Integrations,
  • Schools Community,
  • Highways/Streetworks,
  • Customer Services,
  • Children's Social Care,
  • Adult Social Care.
These can be ‘re-branded’ for each new council, and integrated into each council’s unique collection of back-end systems (subject to survey etc).

Re-use reduces the cost and resource burden (time & manpower) of building from scratch, and improves the on-boarding and user adoption process by enabling on-boarding from multiple business divisions at the same time, rather than waiting months for each new application to be completed. The alternative is a waiting list. We can discuss the benefits in more detail (depending on circumstances).

For a full list and more details, please : 
ISB Smart Solutions delivered a ‘state of the art’ defect reporting tool for Surrey County Council, fully integrated with geo intelligence tools and seamlessly integrating with the highway maintenance company. Project delivered on time and within budget, using the OutSystems Platform.
About ISB Smart Solutions

ISB-Smart Solutions delivers enterprise business and transformation advantage using the OutSystems 'multi-experience' Platform as a Service which rapidly delivers web and mobile apps.

We work with clients through the entire digital transformation journey – from proof of concepts and envisioning, to (software) implementation, business integration and (software) quality assurance.

Founded in 1999, ISB-Smart Solutions has been an OutSystems 'Low-Code' partner since 2013, and SAP since 2005. We have c60 employees and we work with clients through the entire digital transformation journey – from proof of concepts and envisioning, to (software) implementation, business integration and (software) quality assurance. 
About OutSystems

Thousands of customers around the world trust OutSystems as the number one low-code platform for rapid application development. The only solution to combine visual full-stack app dev with continuous life cycle management, OutSystems is the fastest way to deliver enterprise-grade multi-channel applications. The result – OutSystems customers are transforming their businesses by delivering applications 6 to 10 times faster compared to traditional application development.
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